Prompted: Creating Projects With Prompts

Finding inspiration is often a struggle when working on projects.  Inspiration can come from many things, for example you may simply be inspired by a photograph.  But there are those times when inspiration just simply seems no where to be found.

What I have decided to do to deal with this is to create a book of prompts.  My prompts may be anything, for example a quote, a mood board, a word, etc. I have several projects created for my Prompted series on YouTube.  I will include some photos and some video links for you to check out.  I am hoping this will help you too when you get “stuck” in your crafty ventures 🙂



This photo is a close-up of a recent art journal layout I did.  The prompt was “messages for my children”.  I titled this layout “Listen Close to Me”, which is a line from the Shel Silverstein poem on the layout.  This layout focuses on children and I wanted the images to be whimsical and fun, almost as though a child had created them.

Here is a link to the video:

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